Service production all over Spain

Madrid-based service production company operating in every beautiful, weird, wonderful, dark, moody, light and magical nook and cranny that Spain has to offer. Our reputation is built on providing a caring and hands-on shooting experience in Spain with a full range of production services for film and photo. With a little Tickle and a personal touch we will oversee and personally ensure the success of your production.


loves drinking very good white wine with lots of ice so it gets really cold which is supposedly wrong but thats ok. She was born in Madrid and brought up in the UK, Spain, Italy & Saudi Arabia. Her parents were born in Tangiers and she has British, Spanish & Italian blood but surprisingly always keeps as cool as a cucumber. Her professional life started amazingly at Goldman Sachs and ended soon after when she decided to embark on a year traveling the world. Returning to Madrid she began working at MTV and spent the next 5 years producing TV shows whilst attending endless concerts, coordinating stages at festivals and telling the likes of Amy Winehouse to get on stage. Although extremely fun she thought it was time to get serious and entered into the world of advertising (which is not serious at all). Now what she loves most is to receive a good pitch and search all the weird & wonderful places Spain has to offer to find great locations for a unique shooting experience in this crazy place we call España…



loves marmite and a cup of tea but can make you a paella to die for. While studying History of Art at Bristol university Robert’s life changed when he somehow ended up sitting on an apple box in a huge dark soundstage watching Almodovar eat garlic chicken whilst directing ‘Kika’. Bitten by the film bug he started an Ad’ing career with Ken Loach in Nicaragua and then at some point got very “Lost in La Mancha”… Over the last 20 years he is super happy to have helped shoot all types of things all over Spain and about 40 countries all over the globe. He doesn’t have any hair so sometimes he’s been very cold. He loves a good challenge and the harder and more complicated the job, the happier he gets. He loves collecting original comic art and still loves to listen to bands who write great albums, not singles, and the song he has most listened to ever is Monkey Man by the Stones.