The Danish Tecno Dolly travels to Spain


Part of the commercial with DNB was to create an interactive website whereby frozen moments in the website were to merge with frozen moments in the commercial. This lengthy and intricate process directed by Marie Kristiansen was made possible through a collaboration between the techno dolly and our incredibly talented glam squad. Moulds of wardrobe were specially crafted to create a frozen in time effect which along with the smooth movements of the tecno crane produced an overall 3 dimensional effect which had our characters floating in time.

It might take a really really really long time to prepare but once it’s ready, I think everyone would agree that watching the Tecno Dolly do its thing is pretty darn cool.

So just for the record: the techno dolly is awesome but perhaps the name is a bit deceiving… its not as fast to set up as a technocrane, or a dolly and tracks, but, oh boy, is it faster than the bigger mo-co’s!



















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